1st International Workshop on
New Foundations for Human-Centered AI
September 4, 2020. Virtual Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
A full day workshop, part of ECAI-2020.


In June 2018, the European Commission has appointed a "AI High Level Expert Group" (AI-HLEG) to support the implementation of the European Strategy on Artificial Intelligence. One of the first results of the AI-HLEG has been to deliver ethics guidelines on Artificial Intelligence (https://ec.europa.eu/futurium/en/ai-alliance-consultation/guidelines). These guidelines put forward a human-centered approach to AI, and list seven key requirements that human-centered, trustworthy AI systems should meet, summarized by the following headers:

  1. Human agency and oversight
  2. Technical robustness and safety
  3. Privacy and data governance
  4. Transparency
  5. Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness
  6. Societal and environmental wellbeing
  7. Accountability

Many of today's most popular AI methods, however, fail to meet these guidelines: making them compliant is a scientific endeavor that is as crucial as it is challenging and stimulating. Systems based on deep learning are a case in point: while these systems often provide impressive results, their ability to explain these results to the user is very limited, thus challenging requirements 4 and 7; in most cases we lack ways to formally verify their correctness and assess their boundary conditions, thus challenging requirement 2; and we don't yet have methods to allow humans to collaboratively influence or question their decisions, thus challenging requirement 1. Similar criticalities are present in many other popular AI methods.


This full day workshop will collectively address the fundamental questions of what are the scientific and technological gaps that we have to fill in order to make AI systems human-centered in terms of the above guidelines.

To achieve its objectives, the workshop will leverage three strategic keynote talks together with brief presentations of about ten contributed papers. It will also allocate ample time for collaborative work and structured discussions.


The preliminary program can be seen here.

You can join the workshop via the Digital ECAI platform here.


All contributed papers are collected in the workshop proceedings, published by CEUR-WS.


The workshop is part of ECAI-2020, the European Conference on AI: to attend the workshop, you need to register at https://digital.ecai2020.eu/. Registration is free.



Program Committee


This worskhop is jointly organized by AI4EU, the EU landmark project to develop a European AI on-demand platform and ecosystem; and by Humane-AI, the EU FET preparatory action devoted to designing a European research agenda for Human Centered AI.

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